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CAPitALLism Debrief

It's pretty simple: We focus on the problems of power. Founded on Thanksgiving of 2003, we offer Maximum Wage as a principle antidote.

Abraham Lincoln said "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." He said this because power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Most governments try to cap power through checks and balances, and with freedom of press to expose all. But large institutions and mega-corporations are the new power--one with no effective checks and balances on their size. These groups use their power to promote their interests, no matter how good or bad for society. The planners of democracies never anticipated that such corporations could exist when they invented the terms of checks and balances. How would they respond to our current situation?

The difference between medicine and poison is often the dosage. It is healthy to empower people to achieve more--it is unhealthy to spoil people with too much power. Wealth is the main source of power.

Maximum wage (like Minimum Wage but in reverse) is humanity's tool to limit power. It places strict caps and progressive taxes on the mega-rich. Our manifesto covers this in more detail. CAPitALLism.org seeks to "cap it all."

The Open Directory Project lists us under Politics: Socialism: Theory. Others see more resemblance to the original decentralized spirit of capitalism. This is not your normal site. You will find all kinds of interesting information here. Many of our more artful pieces are listed under the Capisce section. Creativity is essential to social change.

Together we discuss, engage, and incubate reform into our lives until it becomes us and inspires others. Mixing theory, art, technology, economics, and activism; our ambitions are unstoppable.