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The Pig is our mascot. It has no race or gender.

Once upon a time it was a capitalist pig, surfeit with gruel and dreams of abandoning the pen to reign over Animal Farm. Wearing a shiny top hat over its pointed ears, it's propped with a sturdy ivory-tipped cane.

Time passed. Our pig changed. It found that two-legged dreams caused much stress and reaching for the bottle. No matter how hard it tried, the top would slip a notch up everytime it seemed within reach, which added to its aggravation and annoyance at others. It found that those near the top fought hard to make it never change, usually through great loss and influence over its dreams and liberties. What the 'head' ate the 'rump' excreted.

So our pig decided to cap it all... yanking the bad actors offstage with the curve of its cane, finding a center between both top and bottom extremes. Through the middle it now wears a red stripe of equality, brightening its heart and hooves.