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We provide the following printouts to distribute around businesses, schools, cafes, night clubs, churches, rallies, virtual spaces, and other neighborhood localities. It is proven: CAPitALLism distribution increases your charisma.

Manifesto Download:
Special edition manifesto for guaranteed results.

Declaration of Independence/Ten Commandments Double-Sided Flier:
A two-page flier of our Declaration of Independence and Ten Commandments publications. Useful for printing double-sided.

Click on the numbers below to download a ready-for-cutting sheet with this site plus slogans.

    • 1): The manifesto: An exposition to cap oppositions
    • 2): What was always here is now here
    • 3): In Maximum Wage We Trust
    • 4): We hold these truths to be self-evident
    • 5): Excess has met its match
    • 6): What is the glass ceiling? It is the cap which can been seen through, appearing as if a ceiling does not exist at all
    • 7): A solution should not attempt to reproduce the highly intricate design, but create the equation from which design arises

    • 8): Or print the medley sheet containing each of the above slogans.